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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some general queries of students about course & career?

Is Jewellary designing the Right Career for Me?

Jewellary designing job Prospects?

International Focus on Jewellary Designing.

Tips for Getting Hired as Jewellary Designer?

What can I do with an Events Management certificate or diploma?

Besides an Events Management Certificate or Diploma, what other skills will I need to be successful?

I passed first year from some other university, can i take admission in second year in your institute?

What is the expected growth in event industry?

How much can I expect to earn after completing a Certificate or Diploma in Events Management?

What are the Career Prospects of the courses offered by Eves' Institute?

Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?

What steps do you take before becoming a designer?

What is acting?

What kinda of experience do I need as an actor?

What are the elements of the acting industry?

How should I present myself during the interview?

What is Textile Designing?

Opportunities Abound Textile Designing?