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Why Eves' Institute of Creation

Dear Students

At the institute, learning had always been the fundamental objective. Learning not just about the syllabi but about every little aspect of life which definitely lies ‘out of course’!! To add on, learning has not been one way, the faculties, staff and even I got many changes to learn so much from the younger generation as well. The extent of enthusiasm that they show, the kind of innovation they portray is worth learning from.

You are the back bone of the institute, your zeal, efforts, desire to learn, your creativity and every step forward takes the institute one step further, thank you for being with us.

A very special mention would go to Ashley Rebello, who has been a very special part of the institute, Also Utsav & his crew. who always made a winning team with Eves’. I extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I sincerely hope the learning process at the institute continues.

Happy Learning
Sruti Saxena
Joint Director


Other Features

Industry visits: TO make the students ready to face the challenges, institute will arrange industry visits. Educational tours are also a must whereby students are given exposure to business as well as they are told about the designing trends prevalent in the country and all this gives them a true feel of the day.

Annual Exhibition: Exhibition conducted at the end of the year to give exposure to the creative work done by the students so that they come to know where they stand and what is the requirement of the day! The exhibition is open to all events. Not only friends, institute staff & parents are invited, but the eminent personalities are also invited to appreciate and give their precious suggestions.

Annual Day: Annual day is considered highly significant in student’s session, for it’s here that all the hard work gets the recognition. Celebrities will be invited to inspire and motivate the students. Cultural programs will also be conducted to add to the flavor. Prize distribution will also be recognize the work of the students.

Fashion Show: The most exciting feature is organizing the fashion shows, which from arrangements to execution will be handled by the students themselves. The models of the day will be swishing the catwalk on the ram, wearing the outfits designed by the students.

Creating Portfolio: After the course is over, the students will get a valuable chance to meet the personality of the concerned field to help them create a portfolio of substance. Not only this, they will also get an opportunity to go for an outing with the personality model, who will honor the student by wearing the wardrobe created by the students themselves and the students will photo shoot too. We leave no stone unturned to give motivational exposure to the student enhancing their confidence their confidence, so that when they step in the industry, success becomes obvious.